Network Chiropractic Care
Improve your life and easily shed past & current stress. We understand the physical, emotional and mental factors related to your mind-body tension patterns, and release the spine to allow your body resolve its tension. In our office, there is no twisting, popping or cracking required to experience dramatic results.

Cranial Work
In a unique combination with his mastery of Network Spinal Analysis, Dr. Fisk offers this additional approach to address the whole body, and deepen the coordination of the mind-body through the nerve system. Sessions may be scheduled individually, and cranial work is commonly incorporated into regular office visits according to your needs.

Noetic Coaching
The effects of Noetic Field Balancing/Coaching can be subtle. The results range from deep relaxation and clarity to greater spiritual alignment/attunement. Since we address the body, mind, emotions and spirit in a holistic way, people commonly feel more integrated and have an expansive sense of heartfelt self-awareness and appreciation.

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